China Martial Arts Summer Camp in 2017

China Martial Arts Summer Camp in 2017

Designed for – Students from all over the world who interested in coming to China for intensive martial arts study, training and cultural experiences.

Available Camp Dates:
1). 1st June – 30th June(or 30th July)
2). 15th June – 14th July(or 14th August)
3). 1st July – 31th July(or 31th August)
4). 15th July – 14th August
5). 1st August – 30th August

Training Plan & Visiting Places around Dengfeng City

Training Plan: – 13 Step Tai Chi Form
– Shaolin Five Step Fist
– Tiger Form(or Fist)
– Xing Yi
– Damour Straightsword

Visiting Places around Dengfeng City (You can visit the places on the offday – Sunday):
– Shaolin Temple
– Mount Ssong
– Song Yang Academy(or Song Yang Shu Yuan)
– Zhong Yue Temple

Prices & Fees

All of these prices include: All training classes, the use of training equipment, free WLAN, full room and board with 3 meals a day, optional classes ( e.g. Mandarin etc), On-site English-translator and Visiting world famous historical & cultural attractions around Dengfeng City, China. Have no additional costs, except the airport pickup service 65 USD.

Duration of Stay Cost per month Total cost
1 month $1100 $1100
2 months $1070 $2140

Age Restrictions:
The age we can accept for summer camp is from 5-18 years old, If you are under 18 years old, your parents & guardian will need to confirm with us that you can come here on your own.

For entering China, you will need a Chinese visa. We recommend you to apply for a tourist visa(L type) at your nearest Chinese embassy. To get the visa you will need an official invitation from the school, we will send this to you when the reservation fee is received. Remember to apply for your visa in good time, preferably start the process one month before your arrival at the academy.

Upon completion of the course, a Graduation Certificate of China Martial Art will be issued for you by Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School.

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