Shaolin Kung Fu

The world Kung fu out of Shaolin, people mention Chinese martial arts will be called Shaolin, Shaolin kung fu has become the symbol of the Chinese martial artsShaolin kung fu is the historical formation of the Shaolin Temple in Songshan specific Buddhist culture environment, the kinnara King belief as the core, to the Shaolin Temple monks practice martial arts forms, and fully embodies the wisdom of the traditional Zen Buddhist culture system.

Shaolin Kung Fu has a long history, complete system and is the highest technical level of martial arts genre of. Shaolin Kung fu includes hand-to-hand defence as well as the use of weapons. There are forms: staff, spear, broadsword, straight sword, various other weapons, combat, equipments, performance sparring, sparring with weapons, etc. These contents, according to the different categories and the degree of difficulty, organically combined into a large and orderly system.

Shaolin Boxing

Shaolin boxing is hard, strong, fast and according to the Chinese is “filled with softness inside.” It also is plain and practical with every action, both attack and defense as well as in pose. As the old saying goes: practise in a place where only a cow can lie; such is shaolin boxing, you’re not limited by the place and its size.

The shaolin style embodies a word — hard. It is practiced with both attack and defense, but mostly attack. The form is not only beautiful, but also practical. The steps are flexible. Shaolin teaches you actions forward, actions of retreat, reaction and to punch directly in front of you. On body and fist, it is required that the arm is not too straight and to keep all the forward and backward motion natural. The foot technique must be stable and flexible, the eye technique requires staring at the opponent’s eyes and for the breathing, the Qi should be “down to your dan tian'” before the Qi is released. “The action is as fast as a flash, a spin- like a turning wheel, a stance like pine and jump like a fly.”

Shaolin Combat Technique

Shaolin combat technique is divided into ancient techniques, which means traditional combat and modern which is divided into San Da and actual combat. The ancient techniques include shan zhen yi shen ba, hu bu ba, you long fei bu, dan feng chao yang, shi zhi luan ba, ye di tou tao, hei hu tao xin, lao hou ban zhi, jin si cha fa, ying men tie shan zi, bo bu pao and so on.

Shaolin boxing nowadays features these kind of movements; boxing and Buddhism as a system, combination of spirit and movement, aggressive attack together with violent strikes and proceed or retreat with parts of the body. Generally speaking, Shaolin forms are short and the routine of the movements are mostly linear. The requirements of Shaolin actions and stances are as follows: straight head and follow the movements of the body (with extremities), eyes focused on a point, use great awareness, open chest and straighten back, and for the knees, hips and toes they are all pointed slightly inside to protect the groin. The shoulders should be relaxed, and the arms slightly curved when attacking.

Make sure that when you are attacking you don’t forget to defend yourself and use decisive, strong, swift defense in event of another’s attack. Keep your balance at all times, be flexible when moving and stable when stationary. The footwork should be low when proceeding with attack, and high when retreating to coordinate the entire body. All movements should be fast.

Features of Shaolin Kung Fu

Simple and practical, Short but precise.

Box in a line.

Roll in and out.

Casual footwork.

Numerous tricks and kicks.

Numerous acts shrinking back.

Integration of mind and behavior.

Integration of Buddhism and boxing.

Bending but actually not and straight but actually not.

Rise high in a tight form and drop in a spreading way.

Rise to move with an intention of advance and drop to move with an intention of retreat.

Focus on defense.

Combination of attacking and defending.

Vigorous and strong, Produce sounds.