Kung Fu Styles at Shaolin Tagou Wushu School

All of the following styles of Chinese Kung Fu are part of our weekly training schedule. However, some of them are offered in optional classes, but all of them can be trained full-time if you wish to.

A strong will and persistence is the precondition for learning kung fu. The basic skills of legs, waist, shoulders and stance training need to be practiced daily. Employing the solid foundation of the basic skills, one can choose from the various sects to learn specific routines of boxing, kicking and weapon skills, to improve the combat ability.

Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung fu includes hand-to-hand defence as well as the use of weapons. There are formsstaff, spear, broadsword, straight sword, various other weapons, combat, equipments, performance sparring, sparring with weapons, etc.

Basic Skills:
– Basic Boxing – Jumping – Flying – Wresting
– Stretching – Foot work – Leg work – 5-stance Form
– Lianhuan Quan – Hand work
Bare Hand Forms
– Da Hong Fist – Xiao Hong Fist – Tai Zu Long Fist – Di Tang Fist
– Monkey Fist – Tiger Fist – Pao Chui – Luo Han Fist
– Liu He Fist – Jin Gang Fist – Tong Bi Fist – Xin Yi Fist
– Eagle Claw Fist – The Sunny Forms – Seven-star Forms – Toad Fist
– Plough Mantis Form – Plum Blossom Forms – Tong Bei Fist – Drunken Fist
Shaolin Weapon Straightsword:
– Damour Straightsword – Drunken Straightsword – Provision Straightsword
Shaolin Weapon Broadsword:
– Mei Hua Broadsword – Po Broadsword – Single Broadsword
– Double Broadsword – Spring Autumn Broadsword
Shaolin Weapon Staff:
– Monkey Staff – Qi Mei Staff – Wind&fire staff – Yiu Shou Staff
– Short Staff – Big Yaksha Staff – Fire Staff – Mei Hua Staff
– Drunken Staff – Liu He Staff – Three-section Staff
Shaolin Weapon Spear:
– Five Tiger Spear – Long Spear – Liu He Spear
– Double Spear – Shaolin 13 Spear – Shaolin Spear
Shaolin Weapon Whip:
– 9-section whip – Group Soft Whip – Double wihip – Shepherd Whip
Shaolin Traditional Weapon:
– Spade ( or shovel ) – Rope Dart – Double Hook
– Moon Fork – Grass Sickle – Hammer
– Qian Kun Wheel – Double tiger head hooks – Damour Rod
Shaolin Pair exercises of weapon and weapon:
– Sword and shield – Wood fish and 18 weapons

Tai Chi ( Tai Ji )

Tai Ji refers to the ancient Chinese concept of the interplay between twoopposite yet complementary forces (Yin and Yang). Tai Ji is an internal style of Chinese Kung Fu and the most widely practiced martial art in the world today. It is based on the principle of the soft overcoming the hard.

– 13 Step Tai Chi – 24 Step Tai Chi – 42 Step Tai Chi

Qi Gong and Unique Skills

Qigong is good for our health, especially for those who has chronic, like arthritis etc, Besides we also teach healthpreserving qigong, Meanwhile qigong can be used to undertake performance.

– Hard Qi Gong of Iron Skin – Iron Palm – Belly hit by heavy wood
– Body penetration by 5 spears – Fork knives on – Penetration of glass with one needle
– Cutting vegetables on your belly – Stand on one’s 1 finger – Fracture the stone table with head
– Flying on the water – Spears onto throat – Breach brick with 2 fingers
– Iron head somersaults – Pushing a van with a spear against the throat – Lying on double-sided nail-bed
– Staff hitting crotch – Sleeping on double-edged knives

Shaolin Buddhist Healthpreserving

– Damour Qi Gong – Buddhist Medicine
– Meditation – Shaolin Healthpreserving Qi Gong

Other Traditonal Chinese Martial Arts

– Xing Yi Fist – Baji Fist – Bagua Zhuang

Actual Combat

– Sanda ( or Kickboxing ) – Taekwondo – Boxing and Fighting
– Wresting – Taekwondo – self-defence and practical combating, fighting

Optional Courses

– Chinese Language Course – Wushu Performance